| JULY 27, 2017

Every once in a while, people like to take a little break from beefy burgers and saucy barbecue and grab a little something on the lighter side. Just because you’re skimping on the meat doesn’t mean a boring salad is your only option. These days, many restaurants have meatless entrées on the menu. The Houston Press has gathered up six restaurant finds that are full of flavor, even without the meat.

Nobi Public House, 241 East NASA Parkway

Offering what’s described as Vietnamese fusion cuisine, Nobiserves tasty, creative food with a large selection of craft beer. There are a few ways to eat vegetarian at Nobi since most entrées, including tacos and stir fry noodles, offer protein options that include pork, chicken, tofu and occasionally shrimp. Tofu nachos are made with fried-to-order Gorilla chips, homemade salsa, jalapeño, cilantro and onion. The meatless treat here, however, is the tofu banh mi loaded with garlic butter, cucumber, cilantro, fresh jalapeño, pickled carrots and daikon and stuffed in a baguette. Don’t forget to add a fried egg to almost anything on the menu. In addition to Nobi’s craft beer selection, you can also enjoy a Vietnamese coffee or Kickin’ Kombucha on draft. Full-service restaurant. Beer and wine only.

This gyro stuffed with veggies will be a meatless favorite at Bakkhus Taverna.

This gyro stuffed with veggies will be a meatless favorite at Bakkhus Taverna.
Photo by Jennifer Fuller

Bakkhus Taverna, 605 6th Street, in Kemah

Home of meaty gyros and one of the best burgers in the bay area, as previously reported by the Houston PressBakkhus has a tasty gyro just for vegetarians. This treat is loaded with a variety of well-seasoned vegetables such as mushrooms, red onion, spinach and zucchini, all tucked into warm pita bread and served with a side of crispy parmesan fries or a small Greek salad. If you’re also in the mood for an appetizer, try the fire feta. Served with baked or fried pita, this serrano-spiked feta is highly addictive. Full-service restaurant with a great covered patio and full bar.

This Greek pizza from Grazia is a vegetarian's dream.EXPAND

This Greek pizza from Grazia is a vegetarian’s dream.
Photo by Grazia Italian Kitchen

Grazia Italian Kitchen, 1001 Pineloch

Snazzy and posh are just a couple of words that describe this classy Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Clear Lake. Once you’ve soaked in all the charm of Grazia, get ready for an unforgettable experience. This restaurant is prepared to satisfy meat lovers and vegetarians alike. It’s known for the award-winning smoked beef short ribs served on top of a bed of creamy pancetta risotto, but one simple vegetarian dish also makes our list here: the Greek pizza. This gorgeous pizza is loaded with mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes, black olives, feta and olive oil. Other vegetarian options at Grazia include baked ziti, cheese ravioli and pasta primavera. Guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face. Full-service restaurant with full bar.

Enjoy these vegetarian tacos for only $2.50 each at Habanero's Tacos.EXPAND

Enjoy these vegetarian tacos for only $2.50 each at Habanero’s Tacos.
Photo by Jennifer Fuller

Habanero’s Tacos, 1908 Hialeah, in Seabrook

If you’re craving some tacos but aren’t in the mood for greasy ground beef or chunks of salty pork, head over to Habanero’s Tacos. While its picadillo beef and pork carnitas are some of the best in the area, the vegetarian tacos hold their own. Habanero’seven has a special vegetarian-only menu. Try some Cancun nachos or a plate of vegetarian enchiladas stuffed with pico de gallo and topped with salsa, roja and cheese. The meatless treats that top our list are the avocado tacos and the plantain tacos, each $2.50. Enjoy fried maduros on refried beans, topped with sweet pickled red onions and queso fresco, or thick slices of fresh avocado drizzled with a creamy chipotle sauce. Counter-service restaurant with Mexican sodas, aguasfrescas, and complimentary charro beans.

Creamy ravioli dish stuffed with mushrooms at Angelo's.

Creamy ravioli dish stuffed with mushrooms at Angelo’s.
Photo by Angelo’s Pizza and Pasta

Angelo’s Pizza and Pasta, 400 Bay Area Boulevard, Suite A, inClear Lake

Angelo’s Pizza and Pasta in Clear Lake has been serving your favorite Italian classics since 1993. Fresh salads and homemade soups are also available. But for those days you’re craving a meatless meal, you must try the porcini ravioli. This satisfying entrée of homemade ravioli stuffed with porcini mushrooms, served in a parmesan cream sauce with potatoes, broccoli and red bell peppers, is a vegetarian treat. Another great option is the rich and creamy baked zitiFull-service, beer and wine only, and delivery available.

You won't miss the meat in this "meaty" mushroom burger at TJ Reeds.EXPAND

You won’t miss the meat in this “meaty” mushroom burger at TJ Reeds.
Photo by TJ Reeds

TJ Reeds, 614 FM 517 West, in Dickinson

From milkshakes to hand-crafted cocktails, TJ Reeds has something to make everyone in your party happy. Chicken strips, a white-fish sandwich or a bacon cheeseburger made with 100 percent certified Angus beef are just a few options. But if you’re taking a pass on meat at this meal, check out the Shroom Burger.
A grilled portobello, blue cheese crumbles, craft beer-braised onions, avocado and harissa mayonnaise make up this mountain-high combination of flavors. TJ Reeds is kid-friendly, with homemade custards and an iPad wall for the kiddos. Full-service restaurant, full bar, covered patio, and $2.99 margaritas every day from 3 p.m. until closing.